Tim is the leader of Educational Data Talks’ educational consultancy activities. He is a researcher, coach and educator with more than twenty years of experience working with Independent, State, and Faith-based schools. Tim likes spending time with his family, riding bikes, playing capoeira, and staying up late looking at school data sets. Tim’s interests are faceted and are focused on the effective use of data, in its various forms, to improve educational practice from systems to schools to classrooms. This includes using data to: differentiate teaching and learning, understand impact, identify areas for improvement, and monitor the implementation of initiatives and practices. Tim also enjoys working with teachers and school leaders to build individual and collective capability.

Tim is the creator of the Classroom Vibe™ framework for thinking about classroom culture as the learning-focused atmosphere of a classroom, as experienced by the students. Sitting within this framework is an inquiry-driven approach to teacher improvement drawing on student-to-teacher via the Classroom Vibe™ Student Perceptions of Teaching Survey.
Classroom Vibe
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