School tours will depart from Crown on Thursday 23 May. Coach transfers will be provided.

Delegates will return in time for the opening at 4.30pm, all tours will finish at Christchurch Grammar.

A light lunchbox will be provided to guests on departure, guests are encouraged ot bring a waterbottle. Coffee / Tea breaks will be provdied at selected schools.

Delegates have the option to select tours via the registration process.
Tour 1
Departs at 12.00pm
Woodleigh School - Minimbah and Penbank
Woodleigh School embraces a mission that is simple, direct, and clear: the purposeful development of creative, compassionate, skillful, and resilient young people who can thrive in an ever-changing world. At the Junior Campuses, Minimbah and Penbank, we embody this mission in every aspect of our vibrant community. Beyond the structures and academic framework, our campus is a lively and engaging space for both work and play. Here, cooperation and endeavour create an environment where independence and initiative flourish through challenge, active engagement, and a sense of pride in all that the children achieve. We take pride in our rich, differentiated curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of each child. Children are encouraged to develop essential life skills: persistence, confidence, organization, emotional resilience, and the ability to 'get along' with one another. This is all set in an environment that strongly emphasizes the cultivation of genuine self-esteem while ensuring a safe and nurturing space for working and playing. Affiliations with any other organisations
•IB PYP school, a candidate MYP school.  
•Compassionate Systems Framework
•Reggio Emilia Information Exchange Australia
Tour 2
Departs at 1.00pm
Grimwade House and Melbourne Girls Grammar
Grimwade House is a stand alone Co-Ed Primary School prep to year 6.

We have 650 students. Our speciality is high quality primary focused education. I know everyone says that but our focus has been the following;
1. Pastoral Care. We have a custom designed program called CARE – which is Community, Action, Relationships and Emotional Wellbeing. This coupled with a comprehensive wrap around program that includes, restorative conferencing, record keeping and clear and well defined consequences.
2. We are focused on Structured literacy as a pedagogy and run InitiaLit in our Junior School, the writing revolution and the science of reading throughout the rest of the school. 3. We work closely with Emertus Professor Tessa Daffin to develop the teachers knowledge in spelling. It is not a program but teaching the staff the spelling rules and using these to educate the children.
4. We have a Cultural Advisor, Auntie Fay Muir, which works with us on matters relating to First Nations Peoples. We have specific celebrations throughout the year that have to support our FNP advocacy. There’s a few things and I am sure just having a look around may be useful too. However, it may be interesting to do a presentation and discussion then have a look around but up to you.

Morris Hall is a unique hub of learning for Prep to Year 4 students at Melbourne Girls Grammar. Separate to the Anderson Street campus, the Morris Hall environment is architecturally designed to promote wonder, possibility and challenge for younger learners. The learning studios for each year group facilitate high quality and collaborative learning opportunities enabling our teaching staff to optimise learning each day.    

Specialist teaching areas – art, music, sport, library and STEM – have their own designated teaching spaces, providing opportunities for further development and exploration. At Caroline Street, our proximity to the Royal Botanic Gardens, sporting arenas, art galleries and central business district enhances the Junior Years curriculum providing opportunities to explore the cultural diversity of Melbourne and our local community. Our approach to girls’ education prioritises experience and adventure, fuelling a life-long curiosity and love of learning. Morris Hall teaching and support staff work closely with colleagues at Merton Hall (home to our ELC, Middle and Senior Years students), fostering unique, focused learning experiences for over1,100 Grammarians from ELC to Year 12.
Tour 3
Departs at 12.45pm
Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak and Trinity Grammar
Trinity Grammar is a boys Early Learning Centre to Year 12 school. It has 470 students in the Junior School (ELC – Year 6). Trinity has offered the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme since 2017. Along with a rigorous academic programme, Trinity has a strong specialist program inclusive of; Music, Visual Art, Dance, Physical Education and Sport (Year 3-6), Additional Languages (Chinese, French and German), Religious Education, Design and Technology and Library. The school prides itself on its student leadership and mentoring program. The act of service through leadership is strong with multiple opportunities for our older boys to model good citizenship to their younger peers. Trinity has recently launched a new strategic plan, along with a masterplan to develop purpose built facilities in the coming years. It is an exciting time to be at Trinity Grammar School.

Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak is a Catholic Independent Girls’ School with over 1200 students (P-12). It is acknowledged as one of the leading schools in Australia and is currently the top Catholic School in the State. The School is highly regarded for academic, cultural, sporting, pastoral and social justice programs and is proud to be a member of the International Mary Ward Schools network comprising over 100 schools spanning across five continents.     The School aims to produce young women who are well educated, well informed and able to thrive in a fast-changing world who have a strong personal interest inactively shaping a positive future for their community, be it local, national or global. Several recently completed quality facilities and infrastructure projects on the single campus have delivered flexibility and inspired both students and staff in their pursuit of excellence in both teaching and learning. 
Tour 4
Departs at 12.00pm
Hume Anglican Grammar - Donnybrook and Kalkallo
Hume Anglican Grammar is a multi-campus, independent Prep – Year 12 coeducational school, proudly offering an affordable private education with a focus on educational excellence and student wellbeing.  Our three campuses are situated across three suburbs in the growth corridor of Northern Melbourne. The Mt Ridely campus was established in 2008, the Donnybrook campus opened in 2019 and the third campus at Kalkallo in 2023. As the school continues on its path of growth, each year sees a number of major capital works. New playgrounds and buildings are established each year to support our teaching and specialist programs.

In 2024, the Donnybrook campus in has 21 classes Prep-Year 6 and 588 students. Secondary consists of Year 7 and 8 with 280 students. The primary section of the school has been built across the last 5 years. The new learning spaces both inside and out allow for collaboration, individualisation and growth, working with a master plan to build better, brighter futures for Hume. In 2024 we have introduced the Stephanie Alexander Garden Program and have dedicated an hour to STEM with a Prep-Year 6 Scope and Sequence looking forward to our STEM Centre opening in 2025.

In 2024 the Kalkallo campus has 370 students Prep – Year 5 and two buildings. A 5 year masterplan is in place to support the growth of the campus, which provides one building each year until the campus is complete and with a full enrolment in 2028. Each building is designed with flexibility, collaboration of both staff and students and current pedagogy, supporting our vision for teaching and learning and wellbeing. Furniture has been chosen to maximise the flexible learning spaces and to support a modern education. The Resource Centre is currently under construction which will house a Visual Arts studio, STEM/Design Tech studio, Library and Imaginarium